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Monday, March 1, 2010

Peepee on the pott-tay♪♫ (or Number One)

Connor was 2 1/2 when we started potty training him. I had all the necessary equipment: Potty? check. Undies? check. Potty book? check. Potty video? check. Clock? check. Stickers, Charts, Incentives? check. check. check. Toddler? check. (remember, he was the first one, so we had to have all the "un-necessaries").. I thought it would be a very easy process. I started off by putting Connor in undies and letting him know that it was time to be a "big boy". I put him on the potty every 10 minutes so he was basically naked from the waist down most of the day. Also, the potty went everywhere- in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall, in the playroom- wherever he was at the time, there was the potty, like a mini plastic dust catcher (luckily we had mostly tile floors at the old house). Finally we got him telling us when he had to go, and he started to do well with it. That's when we flew back east, and he had to pee at the airport. He almost got sucked down by the automatic flusher and was so scared he wouldn't go near a toilet for a month. He had to pee in the sink. Even if it wasn't an auto-flusher, he still wouldn't sit on the pot. Yikes. Now that he's 8 we can laugh about that. (ha. ha. ha...........)
Chloe was too easy in the potty department. At 18 months, she came and said "no mo bi-pers". She took her diaper off, put undies on and that was it. Angels actually came out of the sky and sang. It was that beautiful. She just wanted to be a big girl.
Collin wanted to pee in the pot, but had to have a diaper on to poop. I had heard about kids who had a hard time..."letting it go" but never realized or thought that it would be one of my own. That was fun. Cole has been showing lots of interest in the potty. He pees in the shower, pees outside, pees in the tub- he even once peed on the floor in the bathroom, because he can't reach the potty. He's even getting out of bed at night to take his diaper off and put shorts on commando. He likes to be "nuda buddha" or "nudie booty" and his little cheeks are the cutest things.. Yesterday he peed on the potty once, and the WHOLE family did the "Pee Pee On the Potty" song and dance. Loud! We all clap and dance and sing. Anyone passing by our house would think we were the Von Trapps on crack. Today he peeped on the pot again (he just likes to go and do it on his own) and again, we did our jig. Even Mike came down from his office to sing. He has the CUTEST movements to the dance. (I'm talking about Cole- not Mike, although I do like it when Mike shakes his booty...) I think Cole will be an easy one- so far I've done nothing but buy some undies and get out the potty.. (See the difference? Started out as a freak, and now I'm like "Mommy's blogging, go ahead and go on the potty. You can do it by yourself.."... of course we still do the song and dance.. it's fun for everyone.)

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