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Monday, May 24, 2010

I've been "SEW" busy that I've neglected my blog...

And sew on and sew forth... Sew, did I tell you?... (I could go all day, but I'll spare you the corny humor and get right to business). We'll reap what we "sew" later.. (or at least I will explain what all this "sew" talk is about..)

Thanks to the bestie for gently reminding me that it was time to post again. I miss you Finna and here ya go.

In my quest to be a little greener- I've been wanting to use a safe cleaner that doesn't make me feel as if I have to wear a hazmat outfit if I'm going to spray it near the baby, the kids, or the dog. One day Dr. Oz had on something about the things in your house that are killing you. (Nice.. I know. Nothing like a little SCARE tactic to perk you up). Anyway- he had on a recipe for a cleaner. It goes a little something like this:
1 t Borax
3 T vinegar (I heart Vinegar, but that's a post in itself.. it's 10001 uses)
1 T dish soap (I like Seventh Generation- it smells nice and rinses very clean)
2 c H2O (that's Water for those of you who failed Chemistry)
I also put about 3-4 drops of Peppermint Oil or Thieves Essential Oil in. The peppermint gives it a great clean scent, and the Thieves has antibacterial properties. AWESOME. *If you are interested in the oils, let me know. I'll be more than happy to share. They are a big part of our everyday life here...*
I use this to clean granite, glass (windows and mirrors!), placemats, high chair, toys- even as a fruit and veggie wash. It's my new favorite. I have a spray bottle with the ingredients written right on the side with a Sharpie.

Try it, I think you will like it. I know I feel good when Cooper is in the Bumbo and I can spray it right next to him and there are no toxic fumes.

I've been busy with my photography. (soon I shall have a business blog with all my pictures but that's coming.. you'll just have to wait.). I shot a wedding, I shot a family, I shot some kids for Mom's day, I even shot the sheriff, but I did NOT shoot the deputy. (I know.. but that's why you read this, right? Because of my uncanny ability to interject humor in the most random of places?) Anyway- back to shooting... I had the pleasure of borrowing a suhweeeet! camera from my friend Stacey to photograph the wedding. Wow. I wasn't sure whether to have camera envy or be completely overwhelmed. I felt like the paparazzi. I'm pleased with how the pics came out and even though I'm in the middle of edtiting, I think the bride and groom will be happy when they see the final results. (PS If you are looking to have pictures done... um HELLO! I'm here for ya. I'm running a special right now. Contact me on Facebook, or by phone.)

"Sew" here's what all the fuss is about.. I took on the project of window treatments for the front room. Mike and I decided that we would make cornices and then I would make the drapes. We seamlessly and effortlessly constructed the cornices. I'm telling you- it was smooth as butter. Mike and I get along very well, unless we have to do something "projecty" together- and then we tend to butt heads (and no, I didn't just call him a "butthead"). We approach things very differently, and both of us think our way is right (mine always is) and that leads to conflict. It still comes as a surprise to me when we bicker about dumb project things, especially when we see eye to eye 99% of the time. Usually we end up laughing because it's so trivial. The best example of this was on our honeymoon- where we almost got divorced (not literally) while taking a "romantic" ride in a canoe. It was an outrigger and we could not get our groove down. We got so mad and were paddling in circles.  When we finally got our mojo (or so we thought) we slammed the outrigger in to one of the over water bungalos. We had to laugh because we broke the boat- not to mention we must have looked like complete idiots rowing in circles arguing in the beautiful waters of Bora Bora. So when I say this project went smooth- it's no lie. We were like pb and j, beans and rice, milk and cookies..unicorns and glitter! No? (love that commercial). So they are so close to being done. I have one window pinned for the hem, and the edges need pressing, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Connor came into the room when we were putting them up and he said "It looks like a HOTEL in here!" I said "if loving my handy work is wrong, then I don't want to be right".

 Well, I was going to post a picture, but considering I've tried it FIVE six seven times and it's STILL not working, you will all have to wait. Sew sorry.

Sew now you know. I'm sew tired. Sew long, farewell...