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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

I know that EVERYONE is dying to know what my favorite things are. I'm thinking this will have to be a series.. if I get more interest, I will post more (not like I've gotten interest yet.. but I like to think inquiring minds want to know) and it's MY blog, so I want to share my fav's.

I'll start with  FOOD..
Some of the things you can make, some of them you have to buy.. all of them are good- in my humble opinion.

One of the things I started eating when I was pregnant with.... one of them.. was a
Banana wrap. I'm still addicted to them. Here's how it goes:

Whole wheat tortilla
flax seed
peanut butter
wheat germ
I lay the tortilla out flat and smear PB all over it. I like Kirkland brand organic PB- some people don't like it because it's very plain- no sugar or anything but peanuts in it. So, schmear and then banana- I don't cut it, I just lay it on the tortilla in the middle. Sprinkle with flax and wheat germ and then drizzle with honey. Roll it up like a burrito and YUM. I guarantee if you are a pb and banana lover, you will be back for more.  It's also a great snack for the monkeys in your life.

Caprese Salad..
fresh basil
olive oil
balsamic... Oh how my soul salivates for you...This has to be my favorite anytime "go to" food. Best with fresh everything. Someday I will have a garden and will grow my own tomatoes and basil, and what the heck, I'm an overachiever, I'll even grow mozzerella. Can't be THAT hard.

Cannoli.. (usually prefaced with "Holy")..
There are no words to describe this heavenly treat. And with that, I'm rendered speechless.


I was actually asked by a friend (Shout out to APRIL) to put some kids friendly recipes on here..
I am a HUGE fan of Deceptively Delicious  I think you can put a veggie in just about anything. Expand your kiddos palates early and you will be amazed at what they will eat. Keep serving different things, they will eat if they are hungry. We as moms are NOT short order cooks, and everyone can eat the same thing if they are sitting at the same table. Connor ate 4 falafel pitas last night for supper. My kids love hummus. When the little ones start on finger food, they always get tofu, kidney beans, avocado, mango, lentils, garbanzo beans.. You will be surprised what your kids will eat. And then they will grow taste buds, and as long as they try something new, it's okay for them to say (and I'll quote Chloe here..) "I tried it, and I don't care for it".
I like to try and make everything from scratch- it's just something I do. If I make it, I know what goes in it, and I feel much better about serving it to mi familia. 
More to follow..                                                              



  1. Wondering...are all of your favorite foods round? And I wonder if you can grow some of your mozzarrella shredded...just for variety. ;)

  2. Oh my, they are ALL round. Like my belly if I keep eating them...
    And Katie, I do have my limits.. "shredded" mozz? puhlease. Mozzarella sticks maybe..


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