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Monday, June 7, 2010

you made your bed, now do NOT lie in it.

So I have a few theories- many of which I am sure will get shared on here eventually- but one main one has to do with my bed. I like a made bed. I personally think that the bedroom is the beginning and end of an organized life. I know that the days that my bed does not get made are more chaotic. If my bed gets made straight up, the day runs smoother and I have a sense of peace in my life. I know it sounds strange, but so much time is spent in the bedroom that when it's tidy, it seems to flow throughout the rest of the house. 

This theory started when I lived alone and was a bit of a neat freak (no comments from those who know me)  and I realized that if I didn't make my bed, I was more likely to put clothes on there that I tried on and didn't wear, the messier my room would get and the mess would seem to trickle out into the rest of my apartment and seemingly into my life. Think about it. If you have a made bed that looks pretty, do you really want to muck it up with messy clothes? Nah- I don't think so. Think about the chaotic people in your life- I would be willing to bet quite a few of those people have an unmade bed. Now if those people took 2 minutes each morning to make their bed, I would be willing to wager that not only their bedroom, but also their life would be a little more organized. I'm right on this- you know I am. Of course it's not 100% true in every situation. And it IS only a theory...

ALSO- if your bed is made, you will have to get up and around and are less tempted to get back in bed and slack. I don't even like to sit on my made bed. I'm telling you.. it works.

If you are reading this, and you are not a bed maker- try it for a week, and see if it has any influence on your day. Please let me know. If you are a bed maker, and your life is in shambles- you have pretty bad issues and should seek professional help. And even then I don't think that will be enough.