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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday...

Don't be all *SHOCKED* because I actually am posting my 13 on Thursday ON Thursday. Okay, it's alright to be a wee bit shocked. I'm a bit surprised myself. I actually did not think I would be able to come up with 13 things of my topic, but lo and behold, I was able to come up with 13 and then some.

Thanks to Julie from NY, AND Kristin from PA for the great topic of PET PEEVES. Apparently they are both negative Nellys and have a TON. I didn't think that many things bothered me, but once I got going, I no longer considered those two negative, as much as they are just probably very perceptive. Feel free to chime in on any peeves that you might have- and let's all revel in all things (or people) that are irritating. Mwahahahahaha. (evil laugh).

Here goes it- in no particular order.

1. Leaving your shopping cart in the parking lot- and not in the designated cart area. SERIOUSLY? I have 5 kids and still manage to put my cart where it belongs. It damages cars, and it's just plain lazy. Park by the cart corral and put it away. I love to catch people in the act of leaving their cart some place it OBVIOUSLY doesn't go and saying in my most kindest, sickeningly sweetest voice "Oh, I'll take that back for you". (While I have one child on my hip and 4 in tow). Usually they say, "that's okay, I can get it". I hope it gets them to realize that it's not that difficult after all.

2. Driving around for 20 minutes to find a spot close so you don't have to walk 10 yards more. Really? Who has time to drive circles in a lot just waiting for someone to pull out? Chances are, two rows over and three rows back there is an empty spot with your name on it. Stop being lazy, park a little bit away and walk that donut off.

3. Litterbugs. (are we sensing the "Lazy" theme yet?). Put your trash away. In a recepticle. Seriously. I  told my kids the first time they were small and tried putting some trash on the ground - "think about if everyone in the world dropped one piece of trash on the ground at the same time. What a mess that would be!!". Now they are little garbage pickeruppers. I have guilt if I walk by something on the ground and don't make an effort to find a trash to put it in. Let's just do our part to keep ol' Mother Earth looking her best.

4. Leaving cabinet doors open. SHUT THE CABINET DOOR- really. Just do it.

5.Rubberneckers. I dated a guy that was a TOTAL rubbernecker. Once we were driving by a wreck and he was staring. I said "stop being a rubbernecker". With his head spun and neck extended- looking like a cross between an owl and a giraffe, he said "What's a rubbernecker?!?". I broke up with him on the spot. It was worth the walk home for him being such a doofus. (ps only half of the story is true- I'll let you guess which half).

6. Fishers for compliments. "I look terrible". "I look fat". If that's how you feel, I'm not going to argue with you. Chances are you aren't fat and don't look terrible, but you need to figure that out on your own. Beauty shines from within and if you have it, it will show. The compliments will follow. I'm not biting.

7. Braggers. Along the same lines as "fishers" (both suffering from low self esteem) braggers are so over the top about themselves, it's not even funny. Again- if it were true, you wouldn't have to say it outloud. If you're great, we'll know it. Braggers come in two categories: Outdooers, and One-uppers. Outdooers can do the same things that you can do only they do it better (just ask them). One-uppers can not only do what you can do better, but they also have done it a hundred times more and 50 times more intense. This is a fun person to bait with conversation. Don't get irritated with them, just let them tell their "catch of the day, building Noah's Ark, SuperBowl winning touchdown" story and have a good laugh. It's sad-  but humorous at the same time.

8. Copycats. It's okay to borrow (okay, steal) ideas from someone- just give them the credit. Is it that hard? If you don't know where you got the idea, that's okay, but if you know it's not yours- fess up. I totally stole the idea for 10 on Tuesday from my good friend JT. And she knows it. But she's cool because I say "I'm totally stealing that from you" and then I ended up making it my own anyway. Half the time I say "I'm totally going to steal that from you" I don't end up doing it anyway, so nobody has anything to worry about. I'm not a wheel inventor, but I do have some (somewhat) original ideas. If you'd like to borrow (okay, steal) them, I'm flattered. Just give some props.

9. How about when you are at the checkout at a department store and the phone rings. Now you are there, with your goods in hand, ready to pay- and the clerk is going to make you wait while they tend to the person who is on the phone. Oh- so rude. As a former retailer- I can tell you that it's so important to TREAT THE PERSON WHO IS IN FRONT OF YOU LIKE THEY ARE YOUR LAST CUSTOMER EVERRRRRR. The person on the phone is most likely shopping around and may or may not end up spending money at your establishment. Take care of me. I'm here, spending money, giving you job security. Give me your attention.

10. Artificial dye. In anything. Would we really know any different if everything "cherry" flavored wasn't red? And that stuff stains everything. People obviously realize that or there wouldn't be "dye-free" products. And why is Raspberry flavored stuff BLUE? What genius came up with that idea? 

11. Trying to do anything "quick" and having it take WAAAAAAAY longer than it should have. It could be anything from getting on the computer to running in the store. I know, I get it. Sometimes things just happen. I roll with it, but it's still a pet peeve.

12. Low pant wearers. These dudes defy the law of gravity with their "pants on the ground". I'm a total rubbernecker when it comes to that whole pants below your bum swagger. I have to stare. They amaze and annoy me at the same time. Pull your pants up and put your legs together. And whattup with the one pant leg up? I need to know. It buggeth me.

13. People that skim when they read. Especially when it comes to my blog. You know who you are. There will be a quiz later. You'd better study.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thirteen on Thursday...

You knew I would work my way up to this.. Either that or I let Tuesday pass me by, and my "Ten on Tuesday actually on Wednesday" never happened either.  So NOW, here I am, Thirteen on Thursday.

I was wracking my brain trying to think of thirteen things to share. And I came up with THIRTEEN goose-eggs. Big fat nothing. SO I went to my handy list of things people have asked me to talk about on here, and Stacey T (aka "Jethro") from AZ had suggested that I do a product review. What a great idea! So here are thirteen things I think are nifty, neat, or just can't do without. (Again, these are in NO particular order- also my star rating varies. It's a FIVE star system, but some deserve more than 5):

1. Pampered Chef Cut n Seal. I love this gadget. I actually own THREE in three diff't sizes. Forget those premade pbj's in the freezer section of the store- this makes them for you. You pick the bread, the fillings and VOILA! Presto chango. I love it. I make up a bunch of sandwiches with this, freeze them and it makes lunch making go by so much faster. It's also fun for parties that are around lunch time- kids love them. I've made them with cheese, tuna, pb & J, tofurkey, pretty much anything you put in your sandwich. TEN stars.

2. Oxo Good Grips Apple Corer. I know that Pampered Chef makes that peeler slicer, corer, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, but I always thought that was a little overwhelming to get out just for lunch. I found this one YEARS ago, and love its simplicity. It takes the core out of the apple and then you can half the apple, or cut it into circles, slices, whatever. Again, takes an ordinary apple and makes it fun. My kiddos love apple "chips". FOUR stars.

3. The Magic Bullet. If you don't own one- or if you have no idea what this is, you really need to watch more TV and focus on the infomercials. This little baby- WOW! When Connor was born, I decided to make my own baby food- I had a steamer, a food processor, ice cube trays, ziploc bags.. It was a process. I did the same thing with Chloe. When Collin came along, I decided to get a manual food mill- bought from Bed Bath and Beyond for $50. I got HUGE biceps from it. I used it to process everything. I thought it did a better job getting the texture that I was looking for than the processor. Still, I was making loads of baby food, freezing and storing. Then I got the Bullet and my life changed. Or, rather, the way I made baby food changed. Whatever we were eating, I just wizzed some up and fed the baby. It is that easy. No multiple steps, no freezing food. It is perfect. We use it for smoothies, salad dressing, milk shakes, anything. It's really great. Mine is starting to smell when I turn it on, I think I might be burning the motor out. But the use it has gotten has been worth its weight in gold. I give this FIVE stars.

4. Shark Steam Cleaner. I swear I don't spend all day and night ordering things off of the TV. I do shop at Bed Bath and Beyond and they do have a bunch of "As Seen on TV" items there. (Bumpits, anyone??) This item can be seen on TV and it works. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with boys that use the bathroom. Once you clean with this, you will never clean the bathroom another way. And beware the "stuff" that comes out from the nooks and crannies. You thought your toilet was clean, ummmmmm- no, it's not. Not until NOW.  LOVE IT!! FIFTEEN stars. I'm on my second one. I'm not sure what that says about the quality- I blew up the first one, steam went shooting everywhere, but this one seems to be just fine.

5.Tot Locks. Whoever invented these were nothing short of GENIUS. (I'm thinking it was a woman). These are the best locks. They keep my kids out of things- right up until about 3 1/2 when they can figure out how to open just about anything. If you've not seen these, and you have kids- check them out. They are magnetic- and they don't allow the cabinet to be opened at all without the magnetic key. Forget those spring locks, Cooper can figure those out. Think about all of the things you could keep lower if you had a great lock. FIVE stars.

6. Dyson vacuum. Oh My. I love the Dyson. I wanna plant a big fat kiss on the man that invented the vac that doesn't lose suction. MWAH! This vac is not stinky, it sucks like the dickens and works every time. Well worth the money shelled out for it. Vacuum with your current vac, go buy a Dyson, come home, vac again and you will be sold. That did it for me. A HUNDRED FIFTY stars.

7. Oxi Clean. If you have kids, you have stains to get out. If you have multiple kids, and expect to keep those clothes for siblings, you want to keep them looking as new as possible. I heart this product. I have actually had friends say "I can't get this stain out, can you?" And I have. With this. If you have something that hasn't come out- after washing- try this. HOT hot water in a bucket- mixed with Oxi. Let it soak for a couple of days. You'll be amazed. Most stains come right out. I'm kind of a laundry freak- okay, more than kind of.. and I panic when I run low on this stuff. I buy it from Costco in the BIG box, and keep a box on deck at all times. SEVENTY-FIVE stars. (Oh, and Billy Mays -RIP- IS the reason I tried this to begin with. He was one convincing pitchman!)

8. My Honda Odyssey with it's sliding doors. GENIUS! (I do have some compaints about the vehicle- like the LACK of ability to fit 3 car seats across the back row- with LATCH and TETHER- but that's another story).. I love it when I have my hands full and can open my doors with the push of a button. I'll be in the preschool parking lot, and see a mom with her big SUV struggling with kids and the stroller and think to myself (if you didn't have to be so COOL- you could have had your doors open, kids loaded and be pulling out of the parking lot by now). I also see parents in the carpool lane actually having to get out and open the door for the kids. Hell-o you are wasting valuable time here.. Mini vans have come a long way. They are way cool. I was NOT having one when we first had kids. Mike was the one who said "Let's just try one". He was ready to make the switch long before me. We rented one on a trip back east and I was sold.  Now I wouldn't give up the swagger wagon for anything.. NINE stars.

9. The computer. (More importantly- the INTERNET- thanks Al Gore for inventing it). Google, Yahoo, Mapquest. FACEBOOK, aol. All of it. So handy. So fun, and so much information right at my fingertips. If I want to know how to spell something? I look it up. If I want to know where something is? I look it up. If I need a recipe? I look it up. Wondering what an ex is up to? Look it up. (Just kidding on that last one). Seriously though- thank you world wide web for being the doctor in the middle of the night, helping with homework (how else would we have known what to put in our Diorama of Mesopotamia?), and making me the smart person I am today. A BAZILLION stars.

10. A full length mirror. No home should be without one. Enough said. INFINITY stars.

11. The Itzbeen baby timer. What a lifesaver this is. I don't use it as much now, but it was my "secret tool" for keeping track of when the baby ate, how long they had been sleeping, how long it had been since they had a diaper change. It actually allowed me to nurse the baby, and then go run errands because I knew just when the baby would have to eat again. If you are a follower of Babywise, this helps with keeping the baby on a schedule. Great little gift. It used to come in just the color shown, but now it comes in pink and mint green too. So cute. A must have for any mom. TWO MILLION stars. ps- it also has a * button on there that I used to keep track of medicine for me or for the little ones. AND- it has a backlight and a little flashlight. Perfect amount of light for changing a diaper in the wee hours.

12. Maytag 3000 series washer and dryer. With the amount of laundry I do- 5 kids, 2 adults- school uniforms + play clothes + pjs, + mountain biking duds + gymnastics oufits + whatever = the need for a washer and dryer that can accomodate large loads so I can cycle through Mount Laund-a-rama quickly. I don't have the side stands, but I do have the underneath ones- and sure it looks cool, but they really don't get much use. (I have been blessed with an abundance of cabinet space in my laundry room). Not to mention they make the washer and dryer as tall if not taller than me- making it hard to put anything on top of them. But, they are cool, quiet, and do a heck of a job getting my clothes clean. Now if I could just find someone to automatically FOLD and put away all of the clothes.. that would be something. TEN stars

13. My camera. (last but DEFINITELY NOT least). I love my camera- any camera. I think it's one of the most important things that someone can own. Memories may fade, but pictures capture priceless moments and preserve them for years. (Oh my, Hallmark much?!) I really think everyone should carry around at least a point and shoot with them. Your phone is good, but what do you do with those pics? Ever print one? I have, the quality is less than great. (Although- back to Jethro- who has an Iphone that takes pretty sweeeet pictures- I'm sure if she printed them out they would be just fine). Even if you don't think you take great pictures, it's still great to snap those memories. Even if the memory is not what or who the picture is of, rather of the person that took the bad picture- I guarantee you will smile inside. For example... (ya didn't think you'd get away without a story did you?!?). My besties gram was taking our picture one time when we were getting ready to go out. She had the camera up to her eye, and was saying "I can't see you girls". She wasn't even looking through the viewfinder, and I think the camera might have even been backwards. It was adorable- and once she got the camera turned around, she got a shot of us and even though it came out blurry- and maybe even our heads were cut off, Stacy kept it because it was a reminder of that time with her gram and I.  Her gram is now gone, but that picture and that memory lives on. PRICELESS stars.

Share some of your favorites with me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday actually on Tuesday

So I'm feeling a bit ambitious this week- maybe because the week is short and I do well under pressure? I dunno. But here I am ACTUALLY on Tuesday thinking to myself "Self? you should blog right now". And then I was thinking- "doesn't everyone want to know the 10 guys in Hollywood that are candy to my loin?" I guess if I could have 10 "Free Passes" this would be my list. (These are in no particular order)
1. Johnny Depp  (nuff said)
2. Chrisopher Meloni (I'd like to be his "special victim")

3. Mike Rowe (boy do I have a dirty job for him!)

4. Matt Damon- (he's like hot dogs and hot Apple Pie)

5. Bruce Willis (yippee ki-yay m'er f'er)


6. Mel Gibson- (just so he can scream obscenities at me)

7. Matthew McConaughey (no shirt, no deodorant? no complaints here)
8. Nacho Figueras (he's nacho average looking polo player)

9. Hugh Jackman (anyone with a name that sounds like "Huge" rocks).

10. Jude Law (if breaking the "law" is wrong, I don't wanna be right)

Of course there are a few fictional characters (Stiffler, anyone?).

Luckily for me, I don't have to wonder what life would be like with any of them, because I was fortunate enough to snag the best guy. And he used to be a model, and he was on a soap opera and he adores me- flaws and all. So, even though this list exists, it stays safely tucked away in my mind, because I know when all is said and done, I have got it made.

This one was so easy, you might even see more of me on here this week.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday almost Thursday.

So I've seen a few people that do "Ten on Tuesday" on their blog, and feature ten whatevers. I was thinking it would be a great idea, and thought maybe I could do it on another day to be a little original, but couldn't come up with any other catchy phrase like that. I thought about "Many on Monday", but how many? "One on Wednesday" but- I don't ever have just "one" of anything to say. "Thirteen on Thursday".. hmmm. Ehh- maybe. But for now, I'm going with "Ten on Tuesday" on Wednesday.

I love when my blog readers let me know it's time to get on here and jot down some thoughts. Thanks to Shari from GA for the nudge. I even got to sing a little Steve Perry to her to let her know how thankful I was for the prodding. ♪Oh Sha-ri♫

I've been busy with my photog blog and if you haven't seen it yet, please take a look. http://www.anniesullivanphotography.com/ And if you are interested in having pics taken, let me know! I'm the gal for you.

Sooooo- this little blog of mine, well, I am going to dust her off and give her some love tonight. I have been asked to post some recipes, and I think that's a great idea. For another post. Another time. I really want to get to my top ten. I'm just typing until I decide what ten I'd like to share with you. All 13 of you. *cheesy grin*. So, duhduhduhduhduhduhdudhudhudhuhduhd (drum roll) here it is.

Ten things you didn't know about me until now:

1. I played the flute in band (insert obvious band camp joke here) and was actually pretty good at it.
2. I used to smoke cigarettes (don't judge, I quit a LONGGG time ago- way before I was married or had kids). There's actually a VERY funny story about that, and because it's my blog and I'll share if I want to- I'm going to tell it now.
When I first started dating Mike, he came to my apartment to pick me up (I believe it was for our second date) and there was a pack of Marlboro Lights on the counter. My bestie was staying with me at the time (she had maybe smoked 4 cigarettes in her entire life and that's because she was intoxicated- otherwise she was totally NOT a smoker) and Mike said (in a disgusted tone, with an even more disgusted look on his face) "EWWW- whose are those????? And without skipping a beat I said "ew, yeah I know, those are Stacy's". And we shared a look of disgust and went out on our date. That was the last time I ever smoked. I told Stacy that I totally threw her under the bus, and she pinky swore my secret was safe with her, and Mike and I went on to date and eventually get married. It wasn't until around our 1st anniversary and Stacy was out here visiting that we told Mike the story. He told me if he had have known they were mine, we probably would NOT have continued dating. I'm so glad I had a friend to blame it on. And I did quit right then, so it all worked out. The funny thing is, I'm surprised we even had a second date at all, considering on our first date- he took me to TGI Fridays and I ordered the most MASSIVE beer ever (and he doesn't drink at ALL).
3. I have lived in 21 different places. I moved on the average of every 2 years growing up. The first house that Mike and I built out here I lived in the longest that I have ever lived anywhere.
4. I am a music JUNKIE. I know a lot of words to a lot of songs- my favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd.
      4a. I have traveled to see the Grateful Dead more times than you would expect and more times than I can remember
      4b. I love classic rock (Doors, Zeppelin, Dead, etc.)
      4c. I have had a crush on Eminem, Snoop, Fred Durst and Rob Thomas  (again..with the judging)
      4c. I would never watch tv again if I could always have music playing (although there is always music playing in my head)
      4d. I can't stand country music
5. I ♥love♥ the smell of Nag Champa incense
6. I have a bucket list
7. I play a wicked air drum
8. I trained for a marathon, and even though I didn't run it because of injury (stupid IT band), I ran 3 half marathons during my training. And FYI 3 halves do NOT make a whole. I will run the entire one- mark my words. (One of the 1/2's I ran in just over 8 minute miles)
9. I lived in a fraternity house one summer during college- also one summer my girlfriend and I packed up and went to Bar Harbor, Maine. We had very little money, one car and didn't know anyone. We stayed in a cabin in the woods with no running water, no indoor plumbing, no electricity. We moved from there to a tent, to a hotel room and then to a mansion on the water. It was the best summer ever. Thanks for the experience Tiffany!!!
10. I believe you get back what you put out, positive things come from positive thoughts, negativity breeds negativity and you should be careful what you wish for. The things you want do not always come packaged how you would expect.

Thank you and goodnight!