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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday almost Thursday.

So I've seen a few people that do "Ten on Tuesday" on their blog, and feature ten whatevers. I was thinking it would be a great idea, and thought maybe I could do it on another day to be a little original, but couldn't come up with any other catchy phrase like that. I thought about "Many on Monday", but how many? "One on Wednesday" but- I don't ever have just "one" of anything to say. "Thirteen on Thursday".. hmmm. Ehh- maybe. But for now, I'm going with "Ten on Tuesday" on Wednesday.

I love when my blog readers let me know it's time to get on here and jot down some thoughts. Thanks to Shari from GA for the nudge. I even got to sing a little Steve Perry to her to let her know how thankful I was for the prodding. ♪Oh Sha-ri♫

I've been busy with my photog blog and if you haven't seen it yet, please take a look. http://www.anniesullivanphotography.com/ And if you are interested in having pics taken, let me know! I'm the gal for you.

Sooooo- this little blog of mine, well, I am going to dust her off and give her some love tonight. I have been asked to post some recipes, and I think that's a great idea. For another post. Another time. I really want to get to my top ten. I'm just typing until I decide what ten I'd like to share with you. All 13 of you. *cheesy grin*. So, duhduhduhduhduhduhdudhudhudhuhduhd (drum roll) here it is.

Ten things you didn't know about me until now:

1. I played the flute in band (insert obvious band camp joke here) and was actually pretty good at it.
2. I used to smoke cigarettes (don't judge, I quit a LONGGG time ago- way before I was married or had kids). There's actually a VERY funny story about that, and because it's my blog and I'll share if I want to- I'm going to tell it now.
When I first started dating Mike, he came to my apartment to pick me up (I believe it was for our second date) and there was a pack of Marlboro Lights on the counter. My bestie was staying with me at the time (she had maybe smoked 4 cigarettes in her entire life and that's because she was intoxicated- otherwise she was totally NOT a smoker) and Mike said (in a disgusted tone, with an even more disgusted look on his face) "EWWW- whose are those????? And without skipping a beat I said "ew, yeah I know, those are Stacy's". And we shared a look of disgust and went out on our date. That was the last time I ever smoked. I told Stacy that I totally threw her under the bus, and she pinky swore my secret was safe with her, and Mike and I went on to date and eventually get married. It wasn't until around our 1st anniversary and Stacy was out here visiting that we told Mike the story. He told me if he had have known they were mine, we probably would NOT have continued dating. I'm so glad I had a friend to blame it on. And I did quit right then, so it all worked out. The funny thing is, I'm surprised we even had a second date at all, considering on our first date- he took me to TGI Fridays and I ordered the most MASSIVE beer ever (and he doesn't drink at ALL).
3. I have lived in 21 different places. I moved on the average of every 2 years growing up. The first house that Mike and I built out here I lived in the longest that I have ever lived anywhere.
4. I am a music JUNKIE. I know a lot of words to a lot of songs- my favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd.
      4a. I have traveled to see the Grateful Dead more times than you would expect and more times than I can remember
      4b. I love classic rock (Doors, Zeppelin, Dead, etc.)
      4c. I have had a crush on Eminem, Snoop, Fred Durst and Rob Thomas  (again..with the judging)
      4c. I would never watch tv again if I could always have music playing (although there is always music playing in my head)
      4d. I can't stand country music
5. I ♥love♥ the smell of Nag Champa incense
6. I have a bucket list
7. I play a wicked air drum
8. I trained for a marathon, and even though I didn't run it because of injury (stupid IT band), I ran 3 half marathons during my training. And FYI 3 halves do NOT make a whole. I will run the entire one- mark my words. (One of the 1/2's I ran in just over 8 minute miles)
9. I lived in a fraternity house one summer during college- also one summer my girlfriend and I packed up and went to Bar Harbor, Maine. We had very little money, one car and didn't know anyone. We stayed in a cabin in the woods with no running water, no indoor plumbing, no electricity. We moved from there to a tent, to a hotel room and then to a mansion on the water. It was the best summer ever. Thanks for the experience Tiffany!!!
10. I believe you get back what you put out, positive things come from positive thoughts, negativity breeds negativity and you should be careful what you wish for. The things you want do not always come packaged how you would expect.

Thank you and goodnight!


  1. Since I'm the only fool up right now I will comment. How are we even friends?? I HEART country music (maybe it has something to do with going to school in Iowa!), I can't stand classic rock, and I too hate people who smoke (even though the first time I tried a cig was in 3rd grade! I had an older brother, mmmmmkay!).
    What's funny is, I feel like we are long lost sistas from anotha mista! and what's cool is that we are so different yet so alike.

    I heart you friend (maybe even more than country music ;)

    The "other" Stacey

  2. apparently you ain't the only fool up. This fool is still up- for what reason I have NO clue.
    I am not a fan of smoking or smokers either now. DIS-GUS-TING!
    Can't give you the country music- sorry. nails on a chalkboard for me. reeeeeeeeeettttttttt.
    And we are sista's from anotha mista. One of our dads has some 'splainin' to do. (-; I heart you too friend. Aww. Let's hug it out.

  3. I love your photog blog..........I'm in love with the one picture of baby Gia! There were a lot of great pictures, but I have a soft spot for babies- who doesn't?