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Thursday, March 4, 2010

just so that there is no confusion...

After reading my last post about the tv, and how we handled Connor, I just wanted it to be clear that we did NOT give him the Gestapo treatment. There was no waterboarding, no bright lights. We were upset and raised our voices, but didn't bully him or intimidate him in any way. I would hope that anyone that knew me would know that the whole "arms flailing and finger pointing" was more for dramatic effect than it was for real. My intention was not to point out our bad parenting, but more vent about a situation that in the bigger picture (obviously not an LCD picture now...chuckle, snort) was really just a blip on the radar.  So before anyone gets their grannies in knot, and comes to take away our "Parents of the Year" awards, please be assured that we are still the same loving, caring, trying to do our best, parents that we were before this incident.

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