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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Copy Cat Blog...

Are there really any "original" ideas left? I mean, after all, I'm sure that mankind has been around long enough that someone, somewhere has pretty much thought of it all... Noone can claim originality, because someone has already "been there, done that". For example, if I want to eat an apple- TOTALLY not my idea. It may seem like my idea at the time, but rewind back to Adam and Eve and *sprinkle-BAM* I've stolen an idea. Albeit a simple innocent hankering of fruit- still a stolen thought. What I like about this theory, is it helps to eliminate ALL guilt when I steal borrow ideas and incorporate them into my life.. or in this case, my blog. I have to be completely honest, I have never been a "blogger", not even a blog reader- I never even browsed a page until the DAY before I started my own. I might have stumbled upon one purely by chance, but never did I intentionally go visit someone's blog. Frankly the thought of setting something up like this up for myself scared me, especially after talking to a friend (you know who you are SF) who has a techy hub and they were having a hard time figuring it all out. If Joe Computer Whiz had a hard time creating a blog, then for sure this mamma wasn't going to do it.. I imagined affairs with the Geek Squad, and endless amounts of time and money to do what!?! Share my crazy life? Then I hit up Google, and realized "Whoa! I can do this!"  My page is very generic in comparison to some, I chose the FREE route (*shocking* to those who know me, right??) but so far I am pleased. I like having my music and my fish.. and of course pictures. It wouldn't be my page without music and pictures. I could probably have done without the fish, but aren't they cute? And plus they remind me of my kids- following me around and looking for a snack..
So where is all of this going? I promise, I'll get there.. (I learned my lesson early when I used to tell  stories and my friends would say "is there a point to this story?" Now I try to get to it sooner than later)
My point is, I feel I need to confess a few things..
These are the ideas that I have stolen borrowed to make my own blog more appealing- even if it's only appealing to me:
  1. this song 
  2. my signature
  3. my fish
  4. 101 ideas in 1001 days because that's just AWESOME! (I haven't stolen that yet, but trust me, I'm gonna)
  5. Picture of the Day (again, not stolen BORROWED (sheeesh!) yet, but only because of time constraints)
I'm sure there are plenty more stolen borrowed (i really have to get a grip on that) components to my page, but that's all I can think of right now. Phew! I feel so much better having gotten all that off my chest.
I will continue to hunt for new ideas to BORROW, and hopefully when I have been blogging for a few years, I will have an AWESOME blog like Katie's and be able to share not only my wit, but also pearls of wisdom.
ps My wit is my own.. as are my good looks and charm. (-;


  1. 101 ideas in 1001 days ... I'm digging on that one. I just may borrow that for my personal use. ;-)

  2. Nope - absolutely no original ideas left. Except the Snuggie, of course. No one has ever thought to turn their robe around backwards to stay warm...

    My beloved blog is a huge collaboration of stolen ideas too. Who REALLY has enough time to reinvent the wheel, I mean come on!

    And BTW, LOVING the fish. I don't know why I've never noticed them before - they must be new.


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