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Friday, February 26, 2010

it's a normal life

Life is slowly getting back to normal.. Tahahaha. "Normal". As if. What I meant by that was; Connor is starting to walk a little more upright, nobody is throwing up in the middle of the night and Mike got the floor mopped. It's nice to be getting back on track.

Cooper had a well visit today and is a big bubba. I think he might be the biggest one yet. 16 lbs he is..(not sure why I had to talk like Yoda to say that..) My neighbor told me that her daughter was 16 lbs at 1 yr.. and here he is only 4 months old. It's not like he looks like one of those Maury babies that are terribly obese- he's not huge. He's just big.. not even roly poly. I don't know.

So back to his well visit today...Taking kids to well checks are funny after you have five kids. Doing ANYTHING after having five kids is funny. Our doctor basically walks in, does the once over, asks if everything is okay and bam, we're done. Literally we spend more time making small talk about his son's traveling hockey league than we do going over the development of the baby. I guess he figures after this many we pretty much have it down. The same goes for having a baby. First baby, you have a nurse in there every two minutes checking to make sure you don't have pain, making sure you have food, pillows, a working tv, checking how much you've voided.. Number five- you're lucky to even see a nurse. I think a couple times they threw the pain meds at me through the door as they were walking by...I did get a couple of "You good?"s as well. Or then you have the polar opposite nurse who treats you like you are a 16 yr old first time mom.. I try real hard to let them do their thing... *try*. I know everyone is just trying to be helpful. I'm not ranking on nurses, trust me. That's one job that deserves wicked kudos. The things they have to deal with.. NO thank you. If we have a "wet spill" on aisle 5 in the house, I'm calling Mike. Seriously. If someone has a poo accident, and he's not here, I will call him and see how long until he's home. No joke. I don't do well with poop- or throw up. *Gag* just thinking about it makes me ill....*ack* The other night when he was in the hospital with Connor, and both Cole and Chloe threw up- I contemplated just pretending like I didn't know it happened and waiting until he came home to clean it.. "What?!? Someone threw up? Huh.. I had NOOO idea. Weird. Seems like I would have HEARD something"... Nice, I know. And yet he stays with me, and loves me and would clean it up if I didn't. That's one of the gazillion reasons why I'm still so in love with him.. (awwwwwwww- quiet! {jealous})

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