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Thursday, February 25, 2010

number two..

With the title of the post, you'd think that the content would have something to do with toilet habits, but that is not my intention, although as a mom of FIVE, the topic does come up pretty often..

So Chloe has been out of school since last Friday b/c of this flukey pukey thing she's got going on in the middle of the night.. Well, the night before last she didn't throw up, so yesterday she went to school, but was especially cranky when she got home, didn't really eat at supper and then threw up right before she got in the shower at bedtime. She woke up fine, so she went to school today.. I'm so on the fence about sending her to school,  but when she's fine ALL day, and wants to play and ride bikes or scooters, I'm pretty sure she can handle school.. What's strange, is that Cole threw up the other night too- while I was cleaning up Chloe and her bed- but he's been fine since.. eating like a champ and playing..

Connor is recovering from his surgery.. He's not really a "milker", but I think he's digging the extra attention he's getting from this whole ordeal. I've said for a while that he is a great only child- the only problem he has is those four pesky siblings. He reminds me of myself when I was that age. He knows everything, questions everything, and there is no room for gray areas. He's also not one of those kids that can be appeased with a half-way answer. For example, once we were in a public restroom and there was a tampon machine in there. "What's that?" "It's for Ladies." "Okay, but what is it?" "It's a tampon." "Okay, what does it do?" "It's something that ladies use once a month." "Okay, but for what?" "For when they have their period." "What's a period?" (do you see where this is going?). I think I explained something and then said "Let's ask Daddy when we get home". That's my "get out of jail free" card- the "Oh, I don't know, why don't we ask DADDY"... Someday the kids will figure out that I really DO know, I just don't want to explain it. I also do the same thing when it comes to replacing batteries or fixing things. "Oh Mommy can't do it, let's ask Dad". It buys me a little time to plan my escape.

I feel like I can't talk about some kids and not talk about others.. So I'll chat it up about Collin- my best three year old. He's funny. This morning he said "I'm sick" so I said "well, go lay down" "I'm not that sick, but I will be sick in 5 minutes, so I need medicine now to make me better". I love how he predicts the future. In true 3 year old spirit, five minutes later, he had forgotten all about sick, medicine and was ready for school. That one will be the topic of many posts, I can tell. Mark my words.

Cooper- ahhhh the baby. I never really thought there was anything to that whole "baby of the family" thing, but oh my- if I could convey baby talk over the computer, you would be sick. Little schmoopsie poopsie cutie pie. Oh I love him with every thread of my being. There's something about those little cuddlebugs that just gets me <>...

I'm going to end it on that warm fuzzy note.. can't ya just feel it? Like grandma's afghan. Snuggle up friends...


  1. Thanks for the second post showing that your “great life” is not filled with endless days of joyful singing and dancing. But, we really want to hear about the dark side of the Sullivan world – the flaws and stresses that drive you to self medicate with a can of frosting! How Cole’s only clean shirt didn’t match the other Sullivans at the Zoo; Or how Mike never picks up his underwear; Or how Chloe leaves new shoes out for the dog to eat. Okay, that’s my life, but you have to throw a bone to those of us who are mired in lives of low level anarchy with disheveled, squabbling kids, IEP meetings and middle aged skin that still breaks out. Otherwise, you might just drive me to open another can of frosting!

    Anxiously waiting for the dirt - Michelle

  2. Hey Babe...I LOVE IT...keep blogging


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