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Thursday, February 25, 2010

freaks and stuff

So I thought I would just write a little more considering, I'm TRYING (keyword) to make this a nighttime habit- and not a "stare at it all day" habit. I think once I am LOVING the background, and can add more pictures, I will be a once per day blogger. My nightly unwind ritual..

People ask me what it's like to have five kids. It's about the same as one, except you are not a freak about everything. Granted, when you only have one, you have NO idea that you are a freak- first of all you are too busy being "sooooo tiiiiiirred" (cough, snicker)... and second of all, it's hard not to be a hovercraft when you only have one "area" to observe. Life changes the more kids you have. I was getting a bikini wax and a pedicure the night before I had Cooper, and the lady at the spa asked about the difference between my first and my fifth pregnancy.

Well, my first pregnancy- or should I say "our" first pregnancy (because you know it was like that) was pretty much over at month 5. We knew we were having a boy, we had his name, his clothes, his room, stroller, car seat, pretty much EVERYTHING but the baby so far in advance. We did a lot of pushing around an empty stroller and waiting.. Bags packed, focal picture, first outfit, birth plan, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, maternity ward tours, multiple trips to the baby store.. onesies, twosies, threesies- freak. freak. freak. I think he must have known we were a little anxious, because he couldn't wait to come out and so he decided to come early (umm hello?!?! that was NOT part of the plan).
You couldn't make noise if the baby was sleeping, you couldn't shower in the next room because it might wake the baby, don't breathe, don't even look down the hall toward his room, because..you guessed it, it might wake up the baby.. Of course if you had asked me then if this was normal, umm DUH- yeah, it's normal. So don't bring it up again, because I'll get really defensive and yell, and if that happens.. it MIGHT. WAKE. THE BABY!!! Fast forward to pregnancy five.. no bags, no room, no plan, no diapers, no carseat...instead, I'm at Dolce Salon and Spa getting waxed and painted the night before. So at least I had nice tooties and no hair down there for a few weeks after baby. See how my priorities have shifted?

Being a mom has totally changed me. Don't get me wrong.. I'm still a freak- I like things how I like them.. but at the same time I can roll a lot easier now. I am known to match my monkeys' outifts, get a little hyper when things don't go my way, I'm CONSTANTLY counting heads to make sure we have everyone (we have two that are a known flight risk), but I have so much more of a sense of peace within, and I can thank my kids for that. And their dad... he's pretty awesome. But we'll talk about him another time.

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