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Friday, April 16, 2010

the one every guy will want to read... the BOOB blog

Okay, so now that I have your attention...let's talk about relationships.. JUST KIDDING!! This is really about boobs! Seriously let's just talk about these things for a minute...

I was not one of those "early bloomers" who needed a bra by the age of 10. Looking back, that makes me glad (that comes with a whole range of other issues) HOWEVER, I was not a "late bloomer" either. I was the girl who didn't need a bra when she was 20, or 25.. Even when I got pregnant, I thought (*keyword*) that I was va-va-voluptous, and a friend said "Look at how cute you are! And you don't even have any BOOBS!". I was like "yes I do".. Humph. Whatever.

Well, fast forward to NURSING!! The angels sing and big bras come out.. And for one split second (or 12, 14, 16 months- however long you choose to nurse) you are Pamela Anderson. Of course you have a little belly fat as a side dish to the double D's, but do ya really mind? Yeah, me neither.
I was thinking today, it's not at all fair to experience a large "rack" when you weren't really born with it, and it has to go back after you're done nursing. I've contemplated keeping up milk production, but that's way too hard. It would mean burning the motor out on my pump. I am all about nursing for the first year, but I really do NOT want to nurse my kids into puberty. Know what I'm saying? It's so not fair that in a few short months I have to give these back. It's like borrowing a Cadillac for a year knowing that you have to give it back and drive your Smartcar. Sure, the smartcar is cute and all, but it's no Cadillac. Oh, and I forgot to mention that your smartcar is inflatable.. And it's lost some air over the past year. So it needs help to get it "inflated". Thank goodness for whoever invented add-a-size bras. At least you can look good in a t-shirt (yeah YOU, I'm talking to YOU.. I'm not the one with the problem here...)

I guess I can't complain. I follow a blog about a girl who has breast cancer and had a mastectomy.. and what she's going through??? It's awful. I have healthy mammary glands and should just shut up about them..

But seriously... it's not fair about the whole size thing.. *foot stomp, arm cross*


  1. First, you should be glad that you were able to take the "Cadillac" out for a spin or two or five,and then return it. The more you "have," the more you "sag." Because I am ten years closer to middle age, I am probably more tuned in to aging, and quite frankly, compact bodies age better! Second, a "Cadillac" rack generally come with bigger curves. I know there are exceptions (my bff has a model thin body with a Cadillac), but those are the freak of nature exceptions. Generally big boobs go with curves which only get curvier with age even with exercise and diet. Before kids, I was a "C" - not quite a Cadillac, but acceptable. I also went straight from 6X to an 8 and stayed there regardless of how low the scale went!

    So, the Cadillac is overrated in my opinion! The Smartcar is better for the long haul!

    Michelle M.

  2. I enjoyed reading your boob post. I had a boob post- not long before the doc found my lump. I believe in my heart I knew something was up with mine.
    I always had a good rack- I guess. I always wanted to be like the models I would see with no boobs. I'm betting I would like your boobs after you return the caddy. I've never been a big fan of big ones.
    Thanks for the support and comment. That was really sweet. I really enjoyed seeing a picture of you family. You are so blessed and the great thing is you know it and cherish your family. Beautiful blog Annie.
    I was excited to hear a veggie mom. I may get in back to you to getgood veggie recipes. You are doing a great thing! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I tried on a training bra the other day in Target? Yeah, you read that right! And the only reason I didn't buy it was because it was florescent pink with bows all over it. Enjoy the mellons while you can. Oooh, maybe we should do a "cleavage" photo shoot so you can look back and reminisce!


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